1. PHP API Lab v1.1
  2. External Scripts

External Scripts

We’re going to use quite a few external/third-party packages in this lab. These packages manage, amongst other things, how our application looks.

Because there’s no need for us to write these packages ourselves, we can grab them from their original sources and simply copy them into our app.

Checking directory structure

Create the following directories and files:

  • public/css
  • public/css/ntnx.css
  • public/css/fonts
  • public/css/vendor
  • public/js
  • public/js/ntnx.js
  • public/js/vendor
mkdir public/css
mkdir public/css/fonts
mkdir public/css/vendor
mkdir public/js
mkdir public/js/vendor

Adding packages

From the URLs below, grab the relevant file, make sure the name is correct and save it into the appropriate directory.

  • CSS - extract to public/css/vendor
  • Javascript - extract to public/js/vendor
  • Fonts - extract to public/css/fonts

Note: When extracting the ZIP files, ensure they are extracted directly to the directories above and not into subdirectories.

Further testing

With these files in place, our application is starting to not only come together, but also starting to look a lot better.

The navigation bar and form elements at the top of the screen are now styled properly with both colours and fonts.

It’s now time to dig deeper into wiring our app into the Nutanix REST APIs …

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