Nutanix Calm DSL Lab

Learn how to setup your system to run the Nutanix Calm DSL, followed by a dive into using the DSL itself.

The Nutanix Calm DSL allows programmatic control of Nutanix Calm via DSL Python code. This type of control is critical for integration into customer scripts or applications.

Difficulty level (1-5): 4

Estimated time to complete: 90-120 minutes


- An Ubuntu Linux 20.04 VM (Server or Desktop)
- Internet connection from the cluster (for downloading packages)
- Connection to Prism Central 5.17 or later
- Calm enabled and working on your Prism Central instance

In addition, an Internet connection will be required to download, install and configure software packages.

NOTE: Because of the advanced nature of this lab, the deployment of an Ubuntu VM is not covered in this content.



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